eSoMAS (eSolve Managed Application and System Services)


(eSolve Managed Application and System Services) eSolve Managed Application Services (eSoMAS) is a set of services offered by eSolve to banks (using Temenos T24 product) as a strategic method for improved, effective and efficient operations inclusive of production support and lifecycle development/maintenance activities. eSoMAS are designed to offer banks the freedom and cost-efficiencies of reliably outsourcing (either partially or fully) the maintenance and enhancement of T24 solutions. Aimed at maximizing the functionality of T24, these services ensure that the bank’s solutions evolve as its business does. The managed services ensure that Temenos T24 solutions are managed and operated on a 24X7 basis, in a highly available and secure environment to transact business efficiently. Services are also provided for customization management.